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7 Best Google Reader Alternatives

An RSS feed, standing for Rich Site Summary or more popularly Really Simple Syndication is a form of data notification that is used to tell people when a new piece of information is available. It is a very popular device used by blogs to tell people when a new blog post is available. It can be used in order to gain updates about other things such as websites or social media sites.

The Google Reader is an RSS feed reader that a lot of people use, and is the main competitor to the Internet Explorer feed reader which is integrated into the browser. It is a feed reader that shows people when an RSS feed has been updated. This usually means that a new post or update is now available. Sadly, the Google Reader service is being shut down on July 1, 2013 making us look elsewhere.  Here are seven alternatives to the Google Reader, and many of them may be used on mobile devices.

1 – FeedReader

Some people like this RSS feed reader because it has a user interface that is quite simplistic and old fashioned. Some people enjoy that, and find that the current RSS feed readers are too flashy and too generalized. This simple but effective RSS reader may be just what you need to replace something such as Google reader.

2 – Flipboard

This is a little bit like an RSS feed reader that is made up like a personalized magazine. It will help you to discover articles and news that may be of interest to you. It may also introduce you to things that you find amusing, interesting or amazing. You can even read feeds about people that you know. You can use it on Android devices or on Apple devices. You can use the Bookmarklet function on your browser too. As a feed reader and research tool, it is pretty good.

3 – NetVibes

This is an RSS feed reader that looks a little bit like the Google Feed reader. Installed within it are a number of web services. You are able to import things such as popular images from Flickr. It is a good alternative to Google Reader for people who have a particular problem with the Google reader, but who are also looking for a very similar reader to replace it.

4 – Feedly

This is one of the more popular RSS readers. It may be because it has a look that is similar to a magazine, or maybe similar to if you were reading a newspaper. You can save stories on this reader, so that you may look at them later. You can save a story to your Facebook profile, or to your LinkedIN, Google+ and Twitter social media profiles.

This RSS reader is free and will work on the iOS (tablet or phone). It also works on Android phones and tablets. You may also install it as an extension for the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. There is no need to extend your IE browser, as it already has an RSS feed reader on it. The Feedly RSS reader is compatible with the BufferApp.

5 – Pulse

This is not the first news dissemination device that has used the word “pulse” to describe itself. It works as an RSS feed reader and also as somewhat of a news aggregator. This reader may be used on Android phones and tablets. It may also be used on iOS phones and tablets. You are able to keep up to date with the most recent developments on all the things you have your RSS feed plugged into. You can keep a check on your favorite blogs and your favorite RSS feeds.

6 – Newsblur

This is a program that allows you to read your RSS feeds. You can run 64 feeds with the free version, but it will only update some of them per day. If you pay a subscription fee then you may use the premium version.

This will give you full access to all of the feeds that you install onto the reader. You can pull your feeds from the Google reader and you can put them on Newsblur. The app will work as an app for the Internet, and will work for Android phones and tablets, and Apple phones and tablets.

7 – The Old Reader

This reader is actually more of a social media RSS feed reader. It allows you to move your feeds from the Google reader onto this reader (if you wish), but is more optimized for feeds that come from social media websites. There is no mobile app at this time, so you will have to use it on your desktop computer.

You should try out some of these, before settling on your Google Reader alternative. By the way, Facebook has been working on a “Reader” especially for mobile users for the past year or so.

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    • Vikram Pandit

      Nice list there, but you missed out on Skimr! It’s a very basic and simple RSS reader! Do check it out!

    • Carlie Hamilton

      Ever since google announced the end of it’s RSS reader, I looked around and decided on Feedly. Couldn’t be happier, I love it more than Google.

    • Himanshu

      Hey Sonia,
      I really liked all the alternatives which you have mentioned in this post.But i am using chrome extension to grab the feed updates from various blog.You can grab this extension from below url

    • Emmanuel

      Feedly seems to be on top. The death of Google reader has indeed brought in some sort of relieve to its competitors. It was everyone’s choice!

    • Martin

      I have no attachment to Google reader as an RSS reader (generally I dislike all of Google’s products), but there’s a secondary role it provides that’s not related to its interface: acting as a broker between multiple RSS clients, so if I read something in NetNewsWire, it gets marked as read in MobileRSS etc. That’s a function i will miss, and (as far as I know) there isn’t a sensible replacement for that.