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Easy-to-Plan Fun Sales Team Icebreaker For Meetings

It is important to get meeting attendees networking and this does not always happen on it’s own. A good team leader will incorporate a team icebreaker into the meeting planning strategy.

A sales professional loves to talk about herself and her job.

icebreaker gamesThis is important to understand when you are trying to create an effective meeting icebreaker for your next sales team meeting. There is an icebreaker that you can use which will get the meeting off to a great start and get everyone ready to talk about business.

The icebreaker is called “Conquest” and it is a meeting icebreaker that will get every sales professional in the room involved. This game does two things; it breaks the ice with each team member, and it gives everyone a chance to get an idea of what each person in the group has accomplished in their careers.

Getting Started With Icebreaker Conquest

The game requires no props and it is very easy to play.

The key is to get everyone seated at a table where each person can be heard and then get started.

If you are in a room that is set up with auditorium style seating (all seats facing a podium), then you can encourage everyone to position themselves in their chair so that the whole group can hear them when it is their turn to talk.

You can recommend that people stand, but it is not something you should insist on. After all, this is still the icebreaker and people need to get warmed up.

State Your Name & Break The Ice

The leader of the group starts off by stating her name and the company he works for .  If this is a team meeting where everyone works for the same company, then have each person state what sales division they work for or what level they are at in their business. Do not ask for titles as that is not important in an icebreaker game.

State Your Conquest

Once the introduction is out of the way, then it is time to state your conquest.

This is simply the one sale, the one achievement or the one promotion that each person is most proud of.

Be specific!

State exactly what you accomplished, how you did it.

You state the size of the sale, what you sold and the customer that you sold to. Then you state why this is considered your greatest conquest.

Was the customer hard to get through to? Was it the largest sale your company had seen to that point? You need to be specific on why it is your greatest conquest.

Team members who share their greatest conquests will connect and become more open to networking on other levels.

A team meeting is only as effective if the participants actually participate!

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