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How to Know that He is Pretending to Love You – Part 2

In my last post, How to Know that he is Pretending to Love You we learned how someone can pretend to love another person for 8 years. It is sad to say this, but there are men who simply see women as very easy targets. To them, pretending to love a woman is not a problem. They will pretend to love women for money, sexual hookup, for fun and basically to get what they want. There are different predators in the world; each comes wearing a different pair of pants. So, you need to make sure that you take time to watch a man carefully to know if he is just pretending to love you.

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What is Pretence?

Pretending is just another fancy word for being dishonest

What to Lookout for

  •  Listen to your gut instincts – your instincts is almost always never wrong. It is a sort of spiritual radar that every person has. Have you ever done something in your life and later said to yourself “something told me not to do this”- that was your gut instincts warning you to be careful. If you meet a man, and your gut instincts says “steer clear” then, you should listen!
  • He lies – watch him! Does he tell lies? For instance, did he tell you that he does not smoke, but you always smell the stench of stale tobacco on his breath? Watch out! If he lies to people all the time over the phone about his whereabouts and so on, watch OUT!
  • He does not trust other people – does he find it difficult to trust people; he feels everyone has an ulterior motive. People who pretend always think that others are just like them. Does he fake sincerity with other people? If he does, that will be your cue to get, while the getting is good!


In a world where women ask men out on dates, it can be impossible to tell if a man loves or is pretending to love you. If a man wants to pretend to be in love with you; the truth is that you may NEVER know, so you will need to rely on your gut instincts in order to tell if what he is feeling for you is real or fake.

Men who see you as a project will live, walk and talk the lies that they want you to believe. Their mission is to get you to fall in love with them, because a woman in love is not only blind, but deaf to telltale signs. So many women have had their hearts ripped out by the men who have claimed to love them. AS a woman, it is your responsibility to watch out for your emotional well being. If your gut instincts tell you that a man is all wrong for you, listen to it and you will save yourself a lot of heart ache.  You have a right to be happy!

Hope this helps.

Stay blessed!

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