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Interview with Nomadic Samuel – Number 1 Travel Blogger in the World (@NomadicSamuel)


Who is Nomadic Samuel?

“A quirky digital nomad who has been on the dusty trail for 7 consecutive years.”

A tale of stark contrast, best begun with some extremely interesting facts about the #1 Travel Blogger in our opinion!

Name: Samuel Jeffery

Born: 1981, Canada.

Visited: 26 countries including 8 in South America and 16 in Asia, involving a 68 hour non-stop bus ride! He has no current plans to EVER return to North America.

Careers: 13 ranging from paperboy to Canadian soldier reservist.

Vehicles:  Camel, Horse, Donkey, Elephant, Ostrich

Diet:  Silkworm larvae, raw squid, snake wine, snake blood, llama


Moving onto the interview with Nomadic Samuel

  • What are the top five facts, which people should know about your online personality?

That’s a great question to start an interview! I have a feeling I have a reputation for being quirky, eccentric, hard-working, adventurous and playful.

  • How does it feel to be the number 1 travel blogger?

Oh my! I honestly don’t think I’m anywhere close to that but I do appreciate you saying such a thing. I think what most people don’t realize is that I’ve been travelling and taking photos for years. My main travel blog Nomadic Samuel is relatively quite young (less than two years old) but my passion for travel and the resources I have to share reflect my experiences as a backpacker and teacher overseas since 2005.

  • Which football team do you support?

Well, here’s the interesting thing. As a Canadian, I don’t follow football nearly as much as others; however, when I was in Buenos Aires in 2010, I became a de-facto fan of the Argentine National team given that Canada is typically defeated by island nations I’ve never even heard of. Although they were knocked out by Germany I’m confident they’ll do well in Brazil next year. The sport I really follow with absolute passion is ice hockey. My favourite team is the Chicago Blackhawks and right now they’re battling it out with the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup.

  • What do we need to know before travelling around the world?

That it’s something anyone can do. Honestly, with a bit of planning and saving one can turn their dreams of exploring the world into reality.

  • Is it better to travel when you are young or old?

Travelling at any age is fantastic. There are families taking their children on around the world trips at a very young age. I honestly can’t think of a better education. On the flip side, I’ve met backpackers who are over eighty with more vigour and zest for life than their twenty year old counterparts. I think one of the special characteristics of travel is that it can be (and is) for all ages.

  • How many countries have you been to?

I’ve been to roughly 30 countries. If I wasn’t so thoroughly addicted to travel in Asia I’m sure I would have covered double that amount – especially in Europe.

  • How much of being a really successful blogger is great writing and how much is technical stuff like SEO and social networking?

It’s equally as important. The common saying is that content is King; however, without an emphasis on social media, networking, marketing and SEO it’s extremely difficult to find that precious needle in a haystack.

  • Any ideas on how to get traffic fast?

A great way to drive traffic to your site in the initial stages, before you have an audience, is to network with other bloggers in your field and utilize social media. When I first started, I was commenting on roughly 50 blogs a day, writing at least one lengthy post per day and sharing a photo of the day along with a slideshow of the day. I used stumble upon to really drive traffic to my site before I was getting any love from Google. Whatever methods you use it’s going to take a lot of hard work, consistency and dedication to start from scratch and build something of significance.

  • What was it about making money online which attracted you to this occupation?

In my case, I didn’t start my blog to make money. I’ve been sharing my photos and videos for years prior to launching my blog as it was my hobby. Luckily, when I found out other people were making money with their travel blogs, I did suddenly become very interested.

  • You regularly make several thousand dollars per month, what is the top obstacle that lies between a blogger and making this sort of return through their online activities?

The biggest obstacle is putting all of your energy into just one project. In order to make decent money online you need to have many different passive income streams. It’s definitely not better to have one site making $1000 a month than 15 different income streams making $200 each. The key is diversity and outsourcing.

  • How do you manage your time to maximize efficiency?

I shut down all forms of distractions. I turn off my music, shut down my social media channels and just focus on one project at a time. That is except for when I don’t :P However, I’m getting better at this all of the time.

  • What unique information and ideas does your blog offer to new bloggers?

My site is more for other travellers or those in the dreaming/planning stages of travel; however, one of my most popular posts was a guide for travel bloggers: How to do well in your first year of travel blogging The post received a lot comments and good feedback.

  • What is the significance of guest blogging and do you have any great tips for bloggers who are looking to use it to boost traffic?

Guest posting is a phenomenal way to boost your traffic. First off, you’re exposing yourself to an entirely new audience. Secondly, you’re building important links back to your site. If you want to guest post on another blog make sure to do your research on the blog and try to build a relationship with the face(s) behind the site before sending a pitch. Your pitch should include a brief description of who you are, what you’d like to post about and how you plan on promoting the post. For better results make sure the post you plan on writing is harmonious to the general theme or style of that particular blog.

  • At this stage do you have any new plans or directions with which you want to experiment?

Absolutely! I’m just starting out so I’m still full of ambition. I’d love to lead tours in the future and start selling more products on my site.

  • What motivated you to choose the money-making/writing/blogging topic for your site?

I’ve received a lot of emails from other travel bloggers wanting to know how to improve their traffic, domain authority, Alexa score and social media presence. Instead of answering these emails individually, which I don’t always have time to do, I’ll occasionally write a post on the subject of travel blogging.

  • The internet is a fast-changing place, what big changes would you advise new bloggers to watch out for?

Long gone are the days that you could spam your way to the top. For those just starting out really focus on quality content and social media presence.

Nomadic Samuel has compiled a list of the Top 100 Travel Sites.


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    • Wil @ Where’s Wil

      Quite a blog to aspire to be like someday. …Maybe in a few years.

    • Samuel Jeffery

      Thanks for such a lovely comment Harleena :) I think that passion can lead to great things in life. I wish more people would face their fears and give their ‘true’ passions a chance to manifest into reality.

    • Pramod

      That’s inspirational and a lot to be learnt from . I really like your Idea of interviewing with the top bloggers around the globe .Such interviews help a lot more people to take up this profession and seek inspiration …This interview inspired me to work even harder . Thanks for sharing tips via this post @ Samuel


      • Samuel Jeffery

        Thanks Pramod!

        When I first started blogging I really appreciated the advice more senior bloggers had to offer me. I’m happy you were able to find information from this interview useful.

    • Naveen Mayura

      Really nice to here from this interview …… if we simply thought about a travel blogger life…… really the experience….will be nice….. every single questions from this interview was nicely asked and lot of new things learned from this article….. nice interview with nomadic samuel…..

      • Samuel Jeffery

        Thanks Naveen!

        Just a couple of years ago I didn’t realize this lifestyle was even possible!

    • Ansh

      Hi Samir,
      That’s really inspiring interview from such a great travel blogger.
      Keep up the gud work bro.. cheers

      • Samuel Jeffery

        Thank you! I’m thrilled you found it inspiring :)

    • Harleena Singh

      Hi Samuel – good to see you featured over at Seun’s blog :)

      Nicely done up interview Samir! I think just the fact that Samuel has been to so many countries – not to mention what his means of transport have been too – is commendable! And to have achieved such a great deal in this short period of time isn’t easy unless you have a passion for it, which he has.

      I remember the first time he’d come over to my blog some months back and I visited his blog back, I was literally glued to his pictures and all that he shared about his own experiences of travelling to so many places – it was so amazing.

      It’s good to know that beside the travelling part, he’s doing so well for his blog and knows all the tricks of the trade that makes him a great blogger too. There’s always something to learn from people – isn’t it?

      Thanks for sharing more about Samuel with us. Have a nice week, all of you :)

      • Samir Saurav Majhi

        This is the most fun I’ve had writing a post. Ever!
        As you said, passion drives people to great things. It’s fascinating to note how that passion is reflected in each of Samuel’s photographs.
        From the interview, it’s quite clear that he has the blogging part sorted out. In this case there’s hardly anything I would skip! From following one’s passion to sharing it so lucidly and generously with the world, apart from taking the time to compile a list of Top 100 Travel sites.

        Thanks for the comment, Harleena :)