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Opera 15 Web Browser: New Interface, Features, and Impressions

The Opera Web Browser, which fights out for recognition among other industry greats such as IE, Firefox and Chrome, has been updated to Opera 15. While it is popular on the mobile platform, Opera struggles to gain a following among computers. That notwithstanding, the update has brought along a few niceties that should make it a little more compelling.


Opera 15 Web Browser New Interface

One of the obvious updates of this new version 15 is the refreshed interface. The look of the browser is now more modern. The contemporary look is cleaner, although one can tell that it is inspired by other established browsers, such as Chrome.


This is unsurprising, considering the commitment the Opera has with Chromium. It’s the reason the Norway-based company has decided to part with its own home-baked Presto engine, and instead opt for the Blink engine, developed by Google.

Opera Web Browser New Features

Despite its similarities with Chrome, the Opera browser strives to remain unique, with its host of new features. Some of the similarities it exhibits include the search bar, which has now been combined with the webpage address bar.

  • The Google Search bar has been done away with.
  • The download manager is now sleeker, and bears resemblance to what the competition offers. You can view the downloading status of files, as well as pop-up listings.
  • The Speed Dial page has also been rethought, and now has folder support. It features the most visited pages, and lets you arrange shortcuts by folder. It should prove useful to users who habitually save shortcuts to websites.

Other Features of the New Opera 15 Web Browser


It’s a simple intuitive feature that lets users save entire webpages and websites, and organize them into a list. The list itself is searchable, using keywords. The webpages are stashed as previews, which you can zoom in on, and rearrange. Clicking on the preview loads the entire webpage.



This feature lets you access different articles, based on your categories of interest. It’s sort of a news feed, which displays content from different sources on topics such as food and entertainment, based on your location. The categories are customizable, so you delete those you have no interest in. Alternatively, you can decide exactly what Opera will recommend to you.


Replacing Opera Turbo, Off-road serves mostly the same purpose, by speeding up browsing, where internet connections are slow. It’s important for those browsers who rely on dial-up connectivity, or are simply experiencing a slow connection.

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The Impressions

The new Opera Web Browser is surely newsworthy, but it does not bring any revolutionary features that may tempt users to go for it. Granted, the contemporary user interface is attractive, and there’s a lot to like, but somehow it’s now sufficient.


There are missing features, like traditional bookmark support which a lot of people still favor. Commenting on the shortcomings of the browser Opera asserted that the next generation is still being developed, and future updates will inculcate the most beloved features.

All in all, Opera 15 is decent enough to try out. It certainly looks great, and its offerings are good enough.

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This article is contributed by Sonali Guha, the owner of She loves to write on Technology, Games and Google.

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