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Why do People Shout When they are Angry?

I was of course yesterday enjoying one poetry book first published somewhere in the early 1918. Long before the second world war was ignited. Whiles enjoying one particular poetry entitled ‘Povertometre’. The metre for measuring poverty and brooding over a particular quote which went like this, ‘You’re of no joy to a drowning man if you can’t swim better’.

As I was saying, I was brooding over this quote and just laughing with myself and just as expected, I heard my mother shouting! Yes, shouting at my younger brother for another mischievous act he has done.

So why do people shout whenever they are angry? Let us not just limit it to mothers but in general. Why do you shout at your partner or friend when you are angry.

It appears I’m not the only person in the wagon asking this type of question. One professor who also felt the same did this.why do people shout when they are angry?


Relation between Anger and Shouting quote

This was the end of the lecture. So you see, the next you intend to yell, please remember always what the professor said!

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    About the Author
    This is Emmanuel here. You can call me Cudjoe or Kabenlah as well and I will gladly respond. I probably have one of the longest names in this whole new planet called the Blogosphere. I manage an old rickety blog by name Kabenlah and also a proud team member of this great blog- Sbabzy! He joined in 2013
    • Joe Hart

      Great story and what a way to communicate a priceless philosophy.Next time i shout at someone,i will think about this.

      • Emmanuel Cudjoe

        Thank you!

    • Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

      Hi Emmanuel,
      You are right. Shouting and yelling at people around does not solve any problems for any of us. It might, on the contrary, create new ones..
      we must all learn to control your anger and keep cool.

      • Emmanuel Cudjoe

        Yes of course Ambika. Keeping cool should be the priority.

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Love the message buddy because 1 of my weaknesses is getting angry. Ok we all anger, and I do so a few times a year but I tend to blow my top.

      Meditating helps me. So does thinking about the concept you presented. Treat people with love. Take a deep breath before you yell. You might add years to your – and the other person’s – life.

      Thanks for sharing!

      • Emmanuel Cudjoe

        Thanks Ryan. If meditating helps you, then please continue with it!

    • Pawan

      That’s the thing I used to posses in my teenage. Well, that’s common for most of the teens. Over the period I’ve learned to control my anger as it can really drag you in big mess.

      • Emmanuel Cudjoe

        That’s a great improvement,Pawan.

    • shameem thaha

      Hi Emmanuel,

      Great post but i would like to suggest everyone that to keep calm and realize what to do next rather then shouting bcoz anger sometimes may lead to do the things in wrong manner.

      • Emmanuel Cudjoe

        Hi Thaha,
        Thanks for your comment.

    • Mubashir

      Hi Emmanuel,

      People shout when they feel they are on right side and other person is wrong. From my experience; I am doing job in a call center. I promoted from my position to supervisor just because of patience. So i advise people not to shout on people even when they are wrong and they are shouting on you. Stay calm and consistent you will succeed in life

      • Emmanuel Cudjoe

        Staying calm amid all confusions is of course the right thing to do! Thanks Mubashir for adding your experience.

    • Suresh Khanal

      Hi Emmanuel,

      Another good post in Sbabzy – welcome professor!

      You’re post reminded me of a couple of threads going on in Ileane’s Facebook group. Don’t know what’s the problem but every time I see people deviating from the main issue and start shouting. I was reading a thread about Chitraparna’s experience with Zyma hosting and people started to shout at each other!

      I wonder why anyone would love to increase the distance between hearts! Love you professor!

      • Emmanuel Cudjoe

        Hello Mr. Khanal,
        Hahaa, thanks! I’ve read Chitraparna’s experience as well and its indeed a bitter experience! I’ve found myself ti a similar mess as well but all thanks to you!

    • Harleena Singh

      Hi Emmanuel – good to see you in Seun’s team :)

      Oh yes…anger…and why people shout when they get angry is indeed an important question often neglected. I think when people get angry they lose the control over their emotions and just say or do things that they mostly tend to neglect later in life. Mostly it’s always too late because the damage is already done.

      I liked the professor’s advice in the nice story you mentioned, and just wish more of us would do the same. Yes, it plays on your health as well and you really lose your reasoning power, let alone learn to forgive or forget the other person.

      Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week, both of you :)

      • Emmanuel Cudjoe

        Hi Madam Harleena,
        Thanks for your comment and do have a great weak as well.

    • Pramod

      I think , this helps them to relax themselves .Getting Angry often can give you health problems …so instead of using this tactic of relaxing oneself should try something else to keep you patient and relaxed.


      • Emmanuel Cudjoe

        Hi Pramod,
        There is obviously no doubt that anger leads to all sorts of health problems.
        Thanks for the add up!